iChinese Features

  1. search offline for Chinese characters, Pinyin or the meaning

  2. handwriting input of Chinese characters makes use of the iPhone OS' Chinese keyboard

  3. view of all search results in a well arranged list

  4. detail-view of dictionary entries with Chinese speech output (requires the iChinese Speech Output Pack Mandarin to be installed, available separately on the Apple AppStore)

  5. included in delivery are two dictionaries (Chinese-English, Chinese-German)


Dictionary functionality

  1. training of vocabulary by means of memorizing, writing, reading and listening

  2. an intelligent trainer manages the training progress

  3. automatic planning of the next training session

  4. possibility to select lessons and exercise types by yourself

  5. memorizing exercises to memorize the new vocabulary (Chinese characters, pinyin, meaning)

  6. writing exercises with intuitive drawing on the touchscreen and analysis of the painted characters

  7. reading exercises with multiple choice

  8. listening exercises with multiple choice (requires the iChinese Speech Output Pack Mandarin to be installed, available separately in the Apple AppStore)

  9. included in delivery are 4 lessons with vocabulary from the training book "Practical Chinese Reader 1"

  10. further lessons can be installed later (see Modules)

Trainer functionality

  1. overview of all installed lessons, dictionaries and functions

  2. further lessons, speech output and dictionaries for iChinese are available in the Apple AppStore (see Modules)

Extensible library

  1. iChinese with dictionary and trainer functionality

  2. the free Chinese-English dictionary CC-CEDICT (http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php?page=cc-cedict) with over 83.000 entries

  3. the free Chinese-German dictionary HanDeDict (from 09-05-03, www.chdw.de) with over 165.000 entries

  4. vocabulary from lessons 1 to 4 of "Practical Chinese Reader 1"

Scope of delivery